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Nadia-Anne Ricketts is the inventor and artist of the pioneering concept, BeatWoven®; a London based art studio that has cracked the code of weaving music into fabric. Each fabric is symbolic reference of our visual reality, capturing the organised framework of the playful, energetic sound patterns happening around us, influencing our perception of accord, discord, tension and release, telling a story and making a journey. 

Using her bespoke audio tech tools in combination with her artistry and musical expression, Nadia takes the energy of sound and digitally visualises it into its literal mathematical, magnified soundwave, to reveal and capture all the beats, tones and silences happening within it. These plot as individual visual pixels, that cluster and form into geometric patterns. They fuse directly with the woven grid like structure that underpins the yarn to create decorative fabric.  




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TEN is generously supported by the BA Textile Design Course, G.F Smith and House of Cans.

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