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Born in 1987 in Casablanca, Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi lives and works as a visual artist and surface designer in Casablanca, Morocco. She studied in London at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design where she procured a BA (Hons) in Textile Design specialized in weave and later went on to get an MA in Design, Craftsmanship and Entrepreneurship at Northumbria University.  

Soukaïna spent 9 years (2005 – 2014) in London where she studied, taught and participated in several artistic events, seminars and symposiums. For the past 8 years she has extended her research on plastic waste as a social phenomenon. She explores all the possibilities this material, deemed waste, has to offer with the aim to interrogate its value of use and the perception one has of it. A large range of techniques, often experimental, are used to comprehend and present the material in a new light.  




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